How to order a book (s).


 Book (s) will be sent to you in PDF or e-Book format. Choose the format of your choice.

Select the book (s) and  make the payment to the bank and send us a copy of the payment slip along with title of the book & ISBN by e-mail or Messenger. Use your mobile to copy the payment slip.


E-mail: order@vudya.se


Messenger: Vudya kitaban förlag on Facebook / MESSENGER


We have kept the prices of the books very low, so even with local bank charges the books would not be costly.



 Bank: Handelsbanken

 Account: VKF


 Clearing number: 6180


 Account  number: 470473908


 Bankgiro: 764-1699


 BIC/National bank-ID: HANDSESS


 IBAN: SE76 6000 0000 004 7047 3908


For payments in


Sweden -- Use Bankgiro


EU, Scandinavia -- Use Bankgiro or IBAN


Elsewhere in the world: IBAN or  BIC + Clearing number + Account nr.




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